Chapter 1.5: First Move Out

Welcome back!  It seems like we have been away from here for a long time, then I noticed it was barely three weeks.  Weird…  Anyway, last time, there was toddler skilling and birthdays.  Oh, and some of the kids even rated names finally.  Oh yeah..the game had been crashing.  I have played 3 days of Tart’s without a crash, so I think I have that solved for now.

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1.3: An Overworked Uterus

Last time: Passion Fruit made a lot of friends at school and at a neighbor’s party, a new son was born, Passion Fruit got started on her LTW, Young completed his LTW, Passion Fruit becomes a beautiful teen, and the younger kids finally got names.

TS3 2016-10-21 12-46-21-89

You do realize there is a  cake with pieces still available, right?
Young:  I’d rather have a healthy dinner, thanks.

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1.2: Let’s Celebrate

We’re back finally.  Last time, Passion Fruit aged up to toddler and then on to a child.  Young played guitar.  Orchid worked on her handiness so that nothing would ever break again and work promotions happened.  To top it off, nameless twins were born.

TS3 2016-10-07 10-32-20-83

We start off with Passion Fruit heading to this boy’s house.  I thought he was a vampire, then remembered we were only base game.

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