Chapter 2.1: Adultry

We start off with a quick sim check because it has been three months since our last visit.

TS3 2017-05-13 12-31-41-30

Our founder, Orchid, is still kicking.

TS3 2017-05-13 12-32-43-70

T3574 – which I realized just this very second is leet speak for Tesla.  Go me.  She is waiting (impatiently) for babies to be born.

TS3 2017-03-05 14-01-47-98

The generation 2 heiress is Daffodil.  She wants to be a Celebrated 5-Star Chef and is level 1 in her job.

TS3 2017-03-05 14-45-35-45-1

Daffy’s live in boyfriend is Venkat, with his intro card finally made.  He wants to be surrounded by family.  Jerk.

/simcheck complete

TS3 2017-05-13 12-30-01-24

Not much changed outside, but the inside got a complete makeover.  Daffodil’s favorite color is Violet and Venkat’s his Lilac.

TS3 2017-05-13 12-39-44-37

TS3 2017-05-13 12-39-51-99

TS3 2017-05-13 12-40-02-40

Only the living area’s were changed up.  The rooms will get done as they are needed.

TS3 2017-05-13 12-42-59-31

It’s the weekend and there is nothing to do, so gardening time it is.

TS3 2017-05-13 12-50-08-63

Then it was off to play video games while T3574 watched.

TS3 2017-05-13 12-52-00-91

Daffodil:  Well, I guess it’s time to get this generation going.  Marry me?
Venkat:  Since the tv is broke, sure!

TS3 2017-05-13 12-54-40-03

I had them try for baby, but there was no lullaby.  I later found out through MC that she was already 20 hours pregnant.

TS3 2017-05-13 12-59-34-03

Yep, four hours later.

TS3 2017-05-13 13-16-36-02

Douglas, a childhood friend, and his wife had a pool party.  It was super boring, so they all went home.

TS3 2017-05-13 13-22-34-69

And spent the rest of the evening in the garden.

TS3 2017-05-13 13-28-15-28


No on is quite sure how this happened.

TS3 2017-05-13 13-58-04-49

Eggplant called and congratulated Daffodil on her pregnancy.  She was in no mood to talk and hung up on him.

TS3 2017-05-13 14-04-26-64

That’s because her Spidey sense went active and caught them in the act.

TS3 2017-05-13 14-06-01-75

It couldn’t be canceled out.  You go, girl!

TS3 2017-05-13 14-06-45-07

Now they fight constantly.  I break them up and send them to separate floors to do other things…

TS3 2017-05-13 14-07-27-43

…like hopefully die a painful death.

TS3 2017-05-13 14-10-51-54

Or go into labor.

TS3 2017-05-13 14-12-42-07


TS3 2017-05-13 14-14-30-91

I have no clue why I only have a picture of one.

TS3 2017-05-13 14-28-12-89

Potty training.

TS3 2017-05-13 14-31-28-94

Learning to talk.

Daffodil:  When a man betrays you, it’s up to you to make them do dangerous things so they get electrocuted.

3:  Murder!

TS3 2017-05-13 14-32-40-96

Learning to walk.

TS3 2017-05-13 14-38-54-49

The triplets are Lacey, Tracy and Macy.  Lacey is the one with purple hair and eyes.  One has black hair and purple eyes (one in back) and one has black hair, brown eyes and yellow skin.  The other two have rainbow slider skin.

TS3 2017-05-13 14-53-23-61


TS3 2017-05-13 14-55-35-11

Venkat:  Where’s that hot geriatric mama?

Daffodil uses the moodlet manager to get rid of his negative moodlets.  He needs two more kids for his LTW and we need to get started on them.

TS3 2017-05-13 15-12-13-47

Not even 24 hours later and his heartbroken moodlet is back.  He and Orchid must have been kissing in a closet or something.  They are romantic interests.

TS3 2017-05-13 15-13-01-43

Orchid, unfaithful wife, mother of 10 kids, a ton of grandkids, passes on after successfully stealing Venkat from her daughter and heiress.

Daffodil:  Thanks, mom.  Thanks for ruining everything.
Orchid:  No, don’t take me.  I’m not done destroying this world yet!

TS3 2017-05-13 15-14-56-91

Orchid joins her husband down in the portrait room.

TS3 2017-05-13 15-15-18-27

Book time for the triplets.

TS3 2017-05-13 15-24-12-05

Back to the garden for everyone else.

TS3 2017-05-13 15-35-20-87

Yes, work still happens.  Daffodil is getting nowhere fast.  I think she is level 3 here.

TS3 2017-05-13 15-50-33-35

After work, she’s back to the garden to help out.  They are making a fortune selling them to the grocery store.

TS3 2017-05-13 16-03-45-35

The quest continues.

TS3 2017-05-13 16-04-27-57

Finally!  At least everything in the house is fixed.

TS3 2017-05-13 16-05-04-96

Daffodil:  No one is going to miss you, I promise.
Maid:  I might miss him. Sad smile
Daffodil:  You don’t count.

TS3 2017-05-13 16-34-12-37

Two days later…

TS3 2017-05-13 16-40-16-86

Daffodil:  So, want to be a sperm donor?
Venkat:  Do I have a choice?
Daffodil:  Nope.


Aging is off for some reason.  The triplets are still toddlers and I realized the aging was reset to default.  They have a 7 day toddler life stage and it’s going pretty slowly.

I got a bit aggravated and had to stop playing, so a very short chapter this time.  Also, we had a death in the family and I wasn’t really up to playing.  Hopefully I can get back in to soonish.


Chapter 1.5: First Move Out

Welcome back!  It seems like we have been away from here for a long time, then I noticed it was barely three weeks.  Weird…  Anyway, last time, there was toddler skilling and birthdays.  Oh, and some of the kids even rated names finally.  Oh yeah..the game had been crashing.  I have played 3 days of Tart’s without a crash, so I think I have that solved for now.

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1.3: An Overworked Uterus

Last time: Passion Fruit made a lot of friends at school and at a neighbor’s party, a new son was born, Passion Fruit got started on her LTW, Young completed his LTW, Passion Fruit becomes a beautiful teen, and the younger kids finally got names.

TS3 2016-10-21 12-46-21-89

You do realize there is a  cake with pieces still available, right?
Young:  I’d rather have a healthy dinner, thanks.

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1.2: Let’s Celebrate

We’re back finally.  Last time, Passion Fruit aged up to toddler and then on to a child.  Young played guitar.  Orchid worked on her handiness so that nothing would ever break again and work promotions happened.  To top it off, nameless twins were born.

TS3 2016-10-07 10-32-20-83

We start off with Passion Fruit heading to this boy’s house.  I thought he was a vampire, then remembered we were only base game.

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