Chapter 1.5: First Move Out

Welcome back!  It seems like we have been away from here for a long time, then I noticed it was barely three weeks.  Weird…  Anyway, last time, there was toddler skilling and birthdays.  Oh, and some of the kids even rated names finally.  Oh yeah..the game had been crashing.  I have played 3 days of Tart’s without a crash, so I think I have that solved for now.

TS3 2016-11-22 15-10-15-18

Let’s start off with a sim check!

Young is the patriarch.  He has topped his career as a Rock Star and completed his LTW.

TS3 2016-11-22 15-34-48-92

A version of my simself named Orchid Pizzazz is the matriarch/founder of this legacy.  She has also topped her career as a surgeon and completed her LTW.

TS3 2016-11-22 15-28-06-79

Passion Fruit is the oldest and she is currently checking out the roots of the garden.

TS3 2016-11-22 15-43-59-84

There we go.  Passion Fruit is almost done with her LTW of Master of the Arts.  She has also made it to level 4 in Culinary, but we probably won’t get the fridge for that career before she moves out.  She has a prom boyfriend in the form of Gene something or other.

TS3 2016-11-22 15-45-19-26

Lemon is child #2.  She also has “The Nose” an unfortunate thing that she inherited from her dad.  Her LTW is Perfect Mind, Perfect Body, which is 75% completed.  I am hoping she completes it in the next four days (when she will age up to young adult).

TS3 2016-11-22 15-48-08-21

#3 is Banana.  Her LTW is to become an Astronaut and she just might stick around until that gets completed.  She is currently in military school and is level 1 in the R.O.T.C.

I also realized a little while later that Lemon and Banana are twins.

TS3 2016-11-22 15-49-53-14

#4 is Radish.  He is also the first boy born.  His LTW is Professional Author, which will definitely be done before his birthday.  He is currently at $2.034/$4,000 in royalties.

TS3 2016-11-22 15-51-38-42

TS3 2016-11-22 15-52-15-96

Prune (#5) and Fig (#6) are another set of twins.  Neither one has picked a LTW yet.  Prune also has a failing grade in school (D) and has been scolded three days in a row because of it.  She currently is not allowed to watch TV.  Fig, on the other hand, has  a B in school.

TS3 2016-11-22 15-54-55-38

TS3 2016-11-22 15-55-21-08

Turnip (#7) and Eggplant (#8) are also twins.  Turnip has Young’s black hair and brown eyes.  He also got his dad’s yellow skin, which I changed at birth because yellow is ugly.  He also has “The Nose”.  These two just recently aged up and have not even been to school yet.

TS3 2016-11-22 15-59-10-80

TS3 2016-11-22 16-00-13-43

Olive (#9) and Daffodil (#10) are the babies of the family.  Olive has “The Nose” while her twin does not.  Daffodil is also the only one who got a different skin color naturally.

TS3 2016-11-22 15-09-58-72

Turnip:  I wish someone would buy me a bed.
Prune:  I wonder if I’ll be grounded until I move out.

TS3 2016-11-22 16-26-29-71

Potty training time.  Olive has learned all of her skills after this, while Daffodil hasn’t learned a thing.

TS3 2016-11-22 16-33-51-68
TS3 2016-11-22 16-33-55-06
TS3 2016-11-22 16-33-59-91

Radish is happily going to do nothing else for the rest of his teen years.

TS3 2016-11-22 16-34-19-11

Prune got in trouble again.  I put in one of TFM’s scolding mods, so it doesn’t actually state why she was in trouble, even though the giant D on her report card is definitely the issue.

TS3 2016-11-22 16-35-16-41

Orchid:  Your sister just said NOT to use the damn TV, Prune!
Prune:  Ohhh, you meant this TV?
Orchid:  It’s the only one we have!

TS3 2016-11-22 16-36-22-89

You’re no longer are allowed to sleep in the treehouse!

TS3 2016-11-22 16-36-11-39

Prune;  Fine, then I’ll sleep right here!
Fig:  Why are you down there?
Prune:  No one bought us beds, remember?


TS3 2016-11-22 17-29-16-59

New child mods!  I love that Fig can help out in the garden.  Also, Passion Fruit plants more veggies.

TS3 2016-11-22 17-33-33-81

Cool.  I wonder who she befriended this time.

TS3 2016-11-22 17-37-09-35

TS3 2016-11-22 18-04-27-32

Two of our resident males are helping out big time.  With Young only sleeping, eating, peeing and hanging out in the hot tub, it’s nice to see Eggplant and Radish stepping up.

TS3 2016-11-22 18-11-58-86

Passion Fruit only leaves the easel for basic care and work now.  It’s paying off, but very slowly.

TS3 2016-11-22 18-13-14-91

It’s almost time for prom!

TS3 2016-11-22 18-17-19-26

Fig and Orchid have some bonding time after his homework was done.

TS3 2016-11-22 18-24-51-05

I then rewarded the family for saving up $200k with a new pool area.  I nabbed it from blueprint mode since I didn’t want to build.

TS3 2016-11-22 18-29-50-05

Look!  It’s almost done!

TS3 2016-11-22 18-30-11-19
TS3 2016-11-22 18-30-13-84

Literally two seconds later!  Woooo!

TS3 2016-11-22 18-32-53-58

Passion Fruit:  Well, my work at home is done.
Gene:  Do I know you?
PF:  That’s not funny, BOYFRIEND.
Gene:  Hahaha, just kidding.

TS3 2016-11-22 18-34-41-47 TS3 2016-11-22 18-34-43-58

We interrupt for this breaking news.

TS3 2016-11-22 18-34-53-91

Of course PF finds a spot worse than a bathroom to propose.

TS3 2016-11-22 18-35-05-74

Of course, I think she caught him on the way to the bathroom though…haha.

TS3 2016-11-22 18-36-44-21

Gene: I’m so excited, I could just pee here happily.

PF:  You better not pee the bed.

TS3 2016-11-22 18-41-12-04

Orchid gets an opportunity to discuss something with this lady.  It ends up being a three day opportunity of her chasing down person after person.  Even then, it doesn’t end.  She now needs 5 signatures from random people.

TS3 2016-11-22 18-43-21-65

The girls had to have a babysitter today.

TS3 2016-11-22 18-46-02-45

TS3 2016-11-22 18-45-16-36

Valedictorian and Most Artistic!

TS3 2016-11-22 18-45-42-87

Fig:  I’m so HUNGRY!
Prune:  You should have had a potato in your pocket like me.

TS3 2016-11-22 18-56-36-04

Gene:  So, you graduated?
PF:  Yep.
Gene:  Is your portrait done?
PF:  Umm..

TS3 2016-11-23 09-37-05-32

PF:  Yep!

TS3 2016-11-22 18-58-12-39

Gene:  Then I think we should tie the knot right now.
PF:  My parents wanted a big wedding, though.
Gene:  They have nine other kids to talk into doing that.  I’m ready for us to be together now.

..and that’s how Gene Holden-Limb and Passion Fruit Pizzazz’s wedding went down.

TS3 2016-11-23 09-42-44-92

Gene already owned a home, so PF just moved in with him at the family transfer screen.

TS3 2016-11-23 09-45-40-99

Back home, Fig and Prune were getting in some last minute skill building.  They will be teens in a day or so.

TS3 2016-11-23 09-48-49-05

Orchid is ready to be a grandparent!

TS3 2016-11-23 09-49-02-25

Young helps Olive to her cake.

TS3 2016-11-23 09-49-48-80

But failed to get Daffodil to hers in time and she ages up with her cake mocking her from the table.

TS3 2016-11-23 09-53-40-96

Daffodil becomes Perceptive and ends up aging up before Olive.

TS3 2016-11-23 09-54-58-15

Olive and her nose become Eccentric.

TS3 2016-11-23 10-03-45-89 TS3 2016-11-23 10-03-48-21

Almost time to have more teens underfoot.

TS3 2016-11-23 10-10-38-27

After learning her block skill, Fig spends her Saturday in the garden.  I think she will get the Green Thumb trait and work on a perfect garden for her LTW.

TS3 2016-11-23 10-11-50-34

Banana gets a promotion at work and also found out that her prom date aged up to young adult.

TS3 2016-11-23 10-14-36-75

Banana and Lemon were working out together, but then someone called up Banana for a date.  Since she did get a promotion that morning, I let her go.

TS3 2016-11-23 10-17-30-98

The date ends up being a face one NPC nasty.  I let her hang out, but nothing will be allowed to happen here.

TS3 2016-11-23 10-18-49-31

Turnip rides off to attend a free game.

TS3 2016-11-23 10-19-32-59

Orchid and Young are basically on free will 75% of the time and they spend it flirting.

TS3 2016-11-23 10-22-52-51

Lemon’s workout ends just as her carpool shows up.

TS3 2016-11-23 10-24-01-96

Now that the older siblings have completed their time on the block table, Olive and Daffodil take their turn.

TS3 2016-11-23 10-25-01-83

Fig hides out in the garden playing with her IF while Prune and Eggplant play tag in the background.

TS3 2016-11-23 10-26-07-58

Radish is on freewill now too.  He did head out to get a job, so he spent the rest of the day in bed.

TS3 2016-11-23 10-27-26-47

As soon as he felt me watching him, he popped out of bed.  Then started thinking about his love for food.  Or something.

TS3 2016-11-23 10-29-49-90

Luckily, Daffodil’s cake didn’t go bad and Prune gets to have it.

TS3 2016-11-23 10-34-16-82

Fig does get Green Thumb.

TS3 2016-11-23 10-35-50-98

Due to bad grades, Prune has inappropriate locked in.  She looks a lot like Young.

TS3 2016-11-23 10-40-04-75

I found Passion Fruit and Gene at Banana’s date spot.

TS3 2016-11-23 10-40-12-39

But more importantly, I found Banana chatting with her prom romantic interest, Sherri.  She’s freaking gorgeous.

TS3 2016-11-23 10-48-44-83

I am so horrified and grossed out right now.  I had sent Lemon to catch a fish for school, Fig to take some science classes and Prune to an athletics class.  I then found Orchid flirting with Gene.  I am so glad he wanted nothing to do with her.

TS3 2016-11-23 10-50-56-88

She immediately gets busted and now I am mocked by her Eternally Faithful moodlet.

TS3 2016-11-23 10-52-05-34

Poor Young.  His only joys in life are his wife and gambling, and now he’s been betrayed.  Orchid is sent home to deal with this before he dumps her or starts fighting.

TS3 2016-11-23 10-57-23-60

She tries to calm him down, but I don’t think it worked.

TS3 2016-11-23 10-58-30-67

I just don’t get it.  He accused her of being a Diva and then she HotMK him and he liked it.   I’m just going to leave them to it.

TS3 2016-11-23 11-04-45-65

Orchid:  It’s your birthday today, lemon, please don’t kill yourself.
Lemon:  I won’t, mom.
Orchid:  Good, then can you check out the hot tub when you’re done?
Lemon:  Sure.

TS3 2016-11-23 11-05-42-27

Lemon finds out that her dad has killed the hot tub and she gets it fixed without any trouble.

TS3 2016-11-23 11-07-07-24

Orchid follows behind and upgrades the dishwasher (it was at 99% upgraded) to unbreakable and then moves on to the hot tub afterwards.

TS3 2016-11-23 11-08-03-96 TS3 2016-11-23 11-08-05-76

I think we will spend one more day here since we have two birthdays and a prom today.

TS3 2016-11-23 11-13-24-85

Despite all of her classes, Fig does not choose a LTW yet.  Ugh.

TS3 2016-11-23 11-50-58-01

It’s time for prom and we celebrate by giving Prune a hairdo.  She doesn’t look too bad anymore.  I think her eyes are a bit eww, but at least they are open for once.

TS3 2016-11-23 11-52-50-05

Even though she aged up several days ago, Sherri still shows up at prom.

TS3 2016-11-23 11-53-13-87

Radish gets a romantic interest.

Radish got voted King and Banana becomes the Queen.

TS3 2016-11-23 12-00-09-56

Prune gets this icky guy for a romantic interest.

TS3 2016-11-23 12-52-47-06

This is Radish’s romantic interest.

TS3 2016-11-23 11-55-41-28

Lemon and Banana leave prom and immediately have their birthday.

TS3 2016-11-23 11-56-10-48 TS3 2016-11-23 11-56-34-59

With Banana wanting to be an astronaut, she will be around forever.

TS3 2016-11-23 12-06-45-25

She and Lemon get promotions for their teen jobs.  Banana is now level 3 in the military.  Lemon only got one athletic promotion, so her new job starts at level 2.

TS3 2016-11-23 12-09-48-42

There was a horrible accident down the street, but that does not stop the kids from all heading to school.

TS3 2016-11-23 12-11-47-25

TS3 2016-11-23 12-11-51-61

Wooo!  Now she just has to wait for Orchid to do her portrait and for graduation and she can move out.

TS3 2016-11-23 12-20-26-46

She gets her hair done and I notice that she has a teeny head on top of a weird body.  I probably won’t be allowing this one to breed.

TS3 2016-11-23 12-28-02-36

It was a pretty rough day at school.  The kids were dropping to the floor all through the house.

TS3 2016-11-23 12-30-18-55

At least one of them got on the honor roll.   Also, he needs to adopt strays, which he can start as soon as more people move out.

TS3 2016-11-23 12-31-34-11

TS3 2016-11-23 12-38-02-51

I changed it to allow graduation every day of the week.  I’m hoping these two can have theirs the next morning.

TS3 2016-11-23 12-43-21-03

Daffodil:  Homework is easier on the tablet, Radish.
Olive:  I had food.
Radish:  Will you two please just go away?

TS3 2016-11-23 12-46-29-84 TS3 2016-11-23 12-46-31-43

Ooh something to look forward to next time!

Oof, no crashes this time for once, but there was a few pauses in the game where I thought for sure it was going down.  I’m also thinking of aging up Radish a few days early so that he can move out with Lemon.


5 thoughts on “Chapter 1.5: First Move Out

  1. All your sims are always so beautiful, it makes me jealous. And this is the second time your challenge playing has influenced me to start my own, first with your Tart ISBI and now with your Legacy. Stop being so good!!!

    1. Hahaha! Thanks so much for the kind words. I actually think that half of these kids are the ugliest I have ever produced (outside of a prettacy/uglacy situation). I’m afraid to even let them go forth and breed.

      My game went crappy, so I am hoping that it’s all fixed up now and I can start playing again. Been in Sims 4 and 2 lately.

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